Pink Salt + Lemongrass

Rp 70,000

the himalayan pink salt is rich in mineral and iron content, including
highly beneficial trace elements such as calcium, sulphate, magnesium,
iodine, copper and iron. it gently removes impurities and dirt and
provides vital minerals while balances the natural pH level of skin.
extracted from the cocoa bean, our locally sourced cocoa butter,
a natural moisturizer and softener, balances the cleansing and
detoxifying himalayan pink salt. high in antioxidant properties and
liquid at human body temperature, cocoa butter contains a high level
of vitamin E, making it a wonderful skin healing ingredient.
this soap is lightly scented with lemongrass essential oil, known for
its tissue regenerative property. lemongrass also inproves circulation,
promotes lymph flow, and a great natural antifungal and antibacterial.