Zen Scrub

Rp 60,000

this japanese-inspired soap bar is a gentle scrub bar that combines
Japanese green tea, organic Indonesian red rice and New Zealand
Manuka honey with an ultra moisturising shea butter top layer.
rich in the anti-oxidising chlorophyll, catechins and vitamins A and
E, green tea halts the process of aging, fights bacteria and infections,
and excellent for detoxification.
red rice offers the benefit of being a gentle exfoliating scrub. owing
their colour to anthocyanins, a powerful anti-oxidant, red rice is said
to reduce skin inflammation, promote skin healing, and prevent free
radicals from damaging the skin tissue.
manuka honey contains a high level of anti-bacterial and antiinflammatory
properties, and is used as a salve to assist in healing
wounds and nourish dry skin.